Foam Rolling Your Glutes – Kinetic Phase

Foam Rolling Your Glutes

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When Foam rolling your glutes, take a seated position with either your left or right leg crossed across the top of the alternate leg. Place the foam roller on the glut of the leg that is raised and supported and start by rolling in an up and down motion very slowly. Gradually increase the pressure to your tolerance and work your way through the muscle.

One of the gluteal muscles, the piriformis, can be an irritated area of the body particular for those who have sedentary occupations resulting in prolonged sitting. Take your time on each side to allow an effective release. Be warned it can be quite uncomfortable!


In-depth understanding:

The Gluteal muscles are one of the most irritated spots on a human body. It attaches to the outside of each hip and to your sacrum, the spine’s lowest section. Its job is to turn your leg externally. The major issue for many people is that the sciatic nerve runs through or under the piriformis muscle. If a person’s piriformis is too tight, it can lead to pinching and sciatica-like symptoms in the affected leg and lower back region.

Just like your ITB it is a more delicate area to foam roll and should be attacked a lot slower. Start by applying very light resistance to the area and work up from there.


The information provided is to be used as a guide only, advice should be sought from a registered health professional prior to rolling out injured areas.