Foam Rolling Your Adductors – Kinetic Phase

Foam Rolling Your Adductors



To start foam rolling your adductors, adopt the same prone position you would with your quads except the foam roller will be at a 90-degree angle to the leg and placed right up in towards the pelvis. Just like the quad roll, utilise a backwards and forwards rocking motion spending at least 2 minutes per side. It can be incorporated into your quad regime and strongly recommended- as the quad releases it’s important to achieve the same results with the abductors around the same time.


In-depth understanding:

Assessing the lower half of your body for functionality comes from all angles and there are several regions that make up a large percentage of that capability. Mostly our glutes, quads, hamstrings and back will be responsible for that but without the anatomical facilitation of the knees, hips, calves and ankles the lower half of the body can be restricted with what it can perform. If the abductors (inner thigh) become to tight it can restrict the range or motion with the hips and knees and actually create what’s called knee valgus (when the knees turn in) and over time create further systemic issues such as patella tendonitis. As mentioned above to achieve maximum functionality through your primal behaviors and movements these specific areas are important to consistently focus your attention when it comes to recovery.


The information provided is to be used as a guide only, advice should be sought from a registered health professional prior to rolling out injured areas.