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Foam Rolling for Athletic Performance & Injury Prevention

Foam rollers are used by an abundance of fitness enthusiasts and athletes and have become one of the most popular forms of self-manual massage therapy and muscle rehabilitation. Foam rolling is often used for four primary reasons, whichever you prefer including foam rolling into your routine will carry benefits you need to take advantage of! 

  1. Increase flexibility
  2. Improve recovery
  3. Improve short-term athletic performance
  4. Reduce the delayed onset of muscular soreness (DOMS)

You can use your foam roller during warm-up to massage those sensitive areas you're nursing out of injury or just improving blood circulations to cool-down routines to reduce the effect of DOMS and promote recovery.


Foam rolling is a practical method of performance-enhancement that should be included in your athletic program or just for recreational use. 15-minutes of an evening while in front of the TV is just what the doctor ordered! The muscles begin to loosen up and feel relaxed as you wind down for the evening. Combine the rolling nature of the roller with low-medium or high vibration and you have yourself a personal masseuse.

Kinetic Phase has taken this love for vibrational self-massage and combined this with a foam roller to create the Kinetic Phase Vibrating Foam Roller - KPI. Healing your body is important to us, so is less pain, better movement, and a better life. That's why we stand by the mantra 'Recover Quicker, Live Better'. 

Muscle pain melts away with the KPI, boasting up to 4000 RPM motor for deep penetration into muscle tissue to relieve pain and speed up recovery. The speed dial has 8 settings, so you can control the intensity as you apply body weight to sore muscle groups, tendons, and joints. 




Foam rolling is proven to be a beneficial addition to training routines by providing improvements in a variety of athletic qualities. Additionally, it feels great once you've completed your rolling routine - it's like you're floating as your muscles are now ready to tackle whichever workout routine your about begin! 

kinetic phase best vibrating foam roller

Ranked first place by for best foam roller with training guide in July 2019 for our commitment to creating an excellent product for our customers. Simply put we know what it takes to become a serious athlete and focus on driving results to support you on your fitness journey!

Injury prevention is an important focus for runners as they build up towards a big race or just training all year round. Kinetic Phase is here to support your running goals by keeping you on the track. Our mission to help athletes 'Recover Quicker & Live Better'.

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