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Lauren Ward - ISSA Fitness Instructor & Online Coach

Age: 25

Instagram: @laurenelizabeth_fitness

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Kinetic Phase: Tell us a bit about yourself, what interested you to pursue your career, how long have you been training and what are your qualifications?

Lauren: Fitness has always been a passion of mine. I started dancing at age three and since then there has always been a spark of energy that flows within me. I studied theatre and dance in college and one semester I became injured; I was over-working my body to the point where it became unhealthy. The head of the dance department advised me to pick up yoga to help with healing -not only my body but my mind. After a few months of practicing regularly, I decided that I wanted to become a certified instructor. I set my mind to it and I received my 200- hour Vinyasa certification.

Yoga was my seg-way into the fitness training world and I am so grateful for everything it has given me as a health coach. From yoga, I soon picked up boxing while living in NYC. I had taken a few random classes in college but I truly fell in love with the workout at a small boutique boxing + yoga studio in SOHO. Again, I desired to add that to my skillset. I trained hard to pick up the skill to become a boxing instructor. Moving closer to home, I found another boutique gym that offered yoga and boxing and I found my home and continued to grow as a trainer.

A few months into my career as a group fitness instructor I was drawn to personal training so I went through the training and became a Certified Fitness Instructor through ISSA. Three years have passed in my career as a fitness professional. I have had the opportunity to work for many different fitness studios around my hometown of Louisville, KY but I currently train at Title Boxing Club. I have currently been working to grow my online presence and my most recent endeavor has been launching my eBook/website and offering online coaching. I currently have 10 online clients. I am so blessed to have an amazing support system and I can’t wait to see what’s next. 

Kinetic Phase: What currently is exciting you outside the gym, what are you involved in that gets you inspired?

Lauren:  DANCE!! I recently was offered a part-time teaching job at the University of Kentucky to teach Hip Hop for the dance major. It was an opportunity I couldn’t pass up. I love being creative and allowing others to find their body confidence through movement-as I did during my dance career. Dance is my escape. It is my passion.


Kinetic Phase: What do you want to portray to your followers with your fitness profile?

Lauren: I want to portray authenticity. My goal is to exude positivity about all things and express myself in a real + relatable fashion.

Kinetic Phase: What’s the most common reason for people failing or giving up? Why do people fail in your opinion? What are some specific roadblocks to watch out for?

Lauren: I believe failing or giving up happens when you allow yourself to stop believing in yourself. It is all about mindset. My motto is “Mind over Matter” I say it almost every class I teach. It is so important to have a strong mind. To fill your focus with positivity an belief in YOU. The two main “roadblocks” I see in the fitness world are comparison, setting unrealistic goals and feeling burnt out. Everyone is on their OWN journey. You can’t compare your results with the person next to you. Having realistic goals is 100% important.

It is unfair to give yourself an unattainable goal which will leave you feeling defeated. By starting small and taking everything one day at a time will bring you success. Lastly, feeling burnt out from eating the same things and doing the same workouts gets exhausting which in turn can cause people to fall off track. The way to avoid burnout is to switch it up. Switch up your workouts, calculate your macros and find a variety of foods that work for you and surround yourself with a kick butt support system. 


Kinetic Phase: Can you provide a few simple examples for a workout routine you really enjoy right now? 

Lauren: For cardio, I am currently really enjoying running outside now that it is summer! I typically will do a 30 min steady state jog, then do a 30-45min heavy bag workout (3 min boxing rounds). For strength training, I will lift 4-5x a week and split my days into: Back (heavy), 2 days of an Upper body burnout (lighter weights higher reps), and my fav- Legs (heavy).

Kinetic Phase: What are 5 go to foods to eat for energy?

Lauren:  I a nutrition nut! I typically don’t eat a lot of meat. My staple foods for a full day of energy are: Vans Waffles (power grains) with 1tbsp of PB, apples are my go to fruit, hummus and carrots is my fav snack, Rx bars are always in my gym bag and veggie burgers and power greens is my fav meal for lunch or dinner. 

Kinetic Phase: What are 8 everyday stretches that are a must in your routine?

Lauren:  Coming from a yoga background, I take stretching seriously. My stretch routine is as follows: Childs pose, tabletop (cat and cow), Downward Dog, Pigeon, figure four, sit and reach, straddle and I finish with a shoulder opener.

Kinetic Phase: If you want to know more, stay in touch with Lauren on her Instagram where she is most active @laurenelizabeth_fitness

Thank you Lauren for talking with us!