Ebony Morrison – 200m Hurdle American Record Holder – Kinetic Phase


Ebony Morrison – 200m Hurdle American Record Holder

Age: 24

College: University of Miami

Upcoming Events: 2019 outdoor Season

2019 Outdoor World Championship in Doha, Qatar and the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo, Japan.

Kinetic Phase: Tell us a bit about yourself, what interested you to pursue your athletic specialization, how long have you been training and competing to get to where you are and what are your upcoming events?

Ebony: Well, my name is Ebony Leea Morrison; I was born and raised in Miami, FL. I’ve been competing in the sport of track and field since the 5th grade. This is my 2nd year running professionally. I train with the Olympic developmental group Trufit Athletics located here in Miami. I am now currently training for my 2019 outdoor season with hopes in qualify to the 2019 World championship, and 2020 Olympics.


Kinetic Phase: What currently is exciting off the track, what are you involved in that’s gets you excited?

Ebony: When I’m not on the track, my passion is acting. I love to perform. My main goal in life is to become a distinguished actress.

Kinetic Phase: So you have current records to your name -  obviously the winning feeling is great, how high are your professional goals and where will they take you?

Ebony: My goals for track my career are to perform and win on the highest stages for a track athlete and to reach a state of complete mental control so I can show the world the completeness of my physical abilities.

Kinetic Phase: What do you want to portray to your followers with your athletic pursuit?

Ebony: Most importantly I want my supporters to know that your achievements in life don’t make you who you are. It’s an amazing feeling to win… I love to win… but win or lose, it doesn’t define me. I want people to know that your character defines you… your ability to have compassion and help others is what’s most important in this life. Me partaking and winning in this sport is just a part of my story.


Kinetic Phase: What are 5 go to foods to eat for energy?

Ebony: I love fruits and natural sugars so… bananas, honey, watermelon, apples, and pineapples.

Kinetic Phase: What are 8 everyday stretches that are a must in your routine?

Ebony: I don’t have 8 everyday stretches. I usually attend to what needs attention. Which are usually my hip flexors, quads, hamstrings, and lower back.

Kinetic Phase: Any interesting facts about Hurdle we don’t know?

Ebony: There are 7-8 steps to the first hurdle and 3steps in between the hurdles. Women’s hurdles are 33 inches from the ground. The leg that goes over the hurdle first is called your lead leg and the one that follows is called your trail leg.