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AJ Rompza - Basketball Guru

Kinetic Phase: Tell us a little about your Pro Basketball dreams as a youngster and your basketball
career so far:

AJ: Growing up in Chicago I was the biggest Bulls fan and always want to play in the NBA. With that dream in my head, I worked hard to earn a college basketball scholarship, start all four years at the division one level, and then finally play professionally in Venezuela. After Venezuela, I had to make a big sacrifice in order to help my brother who was going through a tough time as well as my father
who had gotten sick… Sometimes you have to make sacrifices in your life in order to help the people who need it more. Life is all about perspective, and without that I wouldn’t be at the place I am today.


Kinetic Phase: Who were your biggest influences during those early years and inspired you during your career?

AJ:My mom growing up was always my biggest inspiration, and still is to this day. Also, my brother is the one taught me about the game of basketball and got me into it. Two professionals I always looked up to growing up were Michael Jordan and Simeon Rice. These are two people who not only succeed both in their professional field of basketball and football, but were leaders off the field as well!

Kinetic Phase: Hard working kids are seeking mentors all the time, what advice to young athletes could you offer when preparing for a professional basketball career?

AJ: It doesn’t matter how hard it gets or impossible it may seems…you can never give up! It took me 15 years of playing basketball every single day, working hard, and not listening to anyone who told me I was too small to play basketball. 15 years of dedicating my life to the game of basketball and throughout all that hard work and grinding everyday I earned that one scholarship!

Kinetic Phase: What’s the most common reason for people failing or giving up? Why do people fail in your opinion? What are some specific roadblocks to watch out for?

AJ: People fail because they are not seeing the results they want! Sometimes it takes more than a year, 5 years or even 10 to see the results you're working towards. When you are feeling like you can’t go further anymore - think about why you started it in the first place. You will get to where you want to be in life as long as you don’t give up! Consistency is the key…and if you’re willing to sacrifice and put the work in, guess what, big things are going to happen! We have no limits in life!

Kinetic Phase: Tell us about AR-3, your latest book release and what’s got you now based in LA

AJ: AR3 is an online and personal training basketball brand not only to help people on the court but succeed off the court as well. It’s not just about basketball training but a basketball lifestyle brand that has built a community of people from all over the world specializing in personal development, physical and mental training, as well as teaching them how to succeed both on and off the court. AR-3 is creating a family of like-minded people and players to help push each other to the very top.

My book, “Against All Odds , is my story to inspire and motivate people of all walks of life - To go after their dreams and that when you put your mind to something you can do anything. You can order and find more about my book at www.rompza.com. Over my life I’ve seen that in order to succeed you need to step out of your comfort zone. I moved here to LA with my business partner in order to work and take AR-3 to that global level.

In life you need to surround myself with like-minded people. Everyone needs to surround themselves only with the people who have similar goals…that they can push you and you can push them! It’s incredible the things you can accomplish when you have good people in your life who believe in you and your abilities! The things I’ve done here in the last few months could only have been done here in LA. The most growth comes when you are uncomfortable.


Kinetic Phase: Anything you else you would like to put out there?

AJ: It doesn’t matter what you want to accomplish in your life…you can accomplish it if you’re willing to work for it and make those necessary sacrifices. Be willing to do whatever it takes to succeed. Because once you give up in life, those doors won’t open up for you anymore.

AR-3 Training Courses and Videos coming soon!